If you have become the happy owner of an augmented photo, then it will not be difficult for you to “revive” it


Launch the application. The main screen of the app is the scan screen, and that’s where the magic comes in!


Find the QR code on your album or photo from your photographer and point the app’s scanning screen at it. You will see how the download has begun, and upon completion, the inscription “Photo activated” will appear, you can begin to revive the photo album.


Open the photo album on any spread where there are photos and hold the application above the album page at a distance of at least 18-20 cm, this is important! The application will help you point the lens at the photo by showing you a white dot in the middle that you need to point at the photo, as soon as you point the dot at the photo, it will disappear, and the photo itself will “come to life”. MAGIC!


If you have completed all the previous steps, enjoy the viewing experience!

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