Sell revived memories
Don't sell photos, sell revived memories, and customers will choose you!
For photographers, photo studios and printing houses
How does it work?
Take photos
and videos
1 / 10
Upload photos
and videos to your account
2 / 10
Get a
3 / 10
Provide the QR-code to
the client along with the photos
4 / 10
Print the photos
and give them to the client
5 / 10
Your client installs
the memories app
6 / 10
Scans the QR-code
with the app
7 / 10
Points the camera
at the photo
8 / 10
animated photos
9 / 10
Your customers will be able to place
repeat orders with you through the app
10 / 10
Ваши клиенты смогут сделать
у вас повторные заказы
через приложение
Get samples by e-mail
to bring them to life with my phone
Install the app
Try it yourself
Download the memories app
Open the photo on your computer or print it out
Point your camera at the QR- code via the memories app and then at the photo
Watch people react to animated photos
Watch people react
to animated photos
In 1 minute
It takes 1 minute to create one animated photo
Why is it valuable?
A modern professional needs advanced tools
According to statistics, augmented reality increases photographers' income by 27%
Animated photos are viewed 3 times more often than standard ones
That's not all!
Get repeat orders from your customers in the memories app
Grateful customers
1 168
Countries where our clients work
Animated products created by our customers
150 248
Memories in numbers
Client success stories
Mr. Ramis Safiullin
School photographer
In 4 months
Thanks to memories, we increased the sales of standard photos by 15%, boosted the sales of AR photos by 80%, and our total income rose by 95%.
Memories is an additional tool to promote our work and company. Attracting new customers has become easier with memories
Mr. Ramil Shaibakov
Head of the photo studio
In 6 months
Memories makes it much easier to approach school leaders.
I created animated postcards for sale in stores, signed shooting contracts with 10 graduating classes and launched Instagram ads in the nearest cities.
Mr. Vasiliy Mastin
Advertising agency
In 5 months
Thanks to memories, I have signed a contract for New Year greetings cards with the city administration.
am discussing augmented reality projects with Russian Railways and the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Krai.
Joined on September 20, 2019
Joined on September 14, 2019
Joined on November 7, 2019
Client feedback
Client feedback
We store videos and original photos securely
Print your photos again at any time
All photos and videos are kept confidential and only available to you and your customers
About us
Memories is the №1 animated photo service created for photo industry representatives by Russia’s leading augmented reality company — ARProduction.
Mr. Alexander Astrov
Founder of the service
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Our service is now available for monthly subscription
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